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Miniature Hereford

The Hereford is a breed of beef cattle, predominantly red in colour with a white face. They were developed in the area of Hereford, England, 250 years ago.


In 1970, the Largent family of Texas, breeders of the “Old Style” smaller chunky Herefords, decided to try breeding for Miniatures. Today’s miniatures owe their existence to this family.


In 1997, embryos were imported form Canada and live animals from Australia to establish the first breeding stock in New Zealand.



  • Pasture grass and good quality hay when required
  • Mineral / salt block when needed
  • Shelter /shade
  • Clean fresh water
  • Regular parasite control and vaccinations ie. Leptospirosis


Reason to own a Miniature Hereford:

  • Early maturing; cows may be bred at 15 / 18mths of age.
  • High fertility
  • Excellent feed conversion
  • Hardiness
  • Quiet and adaptable


Miniature Hereford bulls have gained popularity in the dairy industry for using over dairy heifers to produce low birth weight beef cross calves.

Herefords are hardy,

quiet and adaptable