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Belted Galloways or “Belties”
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Galloways are a hardy breed originating from South West Scotland and history records show that Galloways have survived in Galloway for 4 centuries. Galloways have a double coat, the outer is coarse which repels water and the under coat is more like wool than hair which insulates against cold.

They are recognized as the oldest naturally polled {hornless} beef cattle breed in the world.


They are on the Livestock Conservation list of endangered breeds, which only in 2007 were taken off the Critical list.


Belties are a solid colour with a white belt around the midriff. Height at maturity should be 42inches maximum at the hook {hip} bone.


Cows can be bred 18 / 24mths and the resulting calf is Panda Bear cute.



  • Pasture grass and good quality hay when required
  • Mineral / salt block when needed
  • Shelter / shade
  • Clean fresh water
  • Regular parasite control and vaccinations i.e. leptospirosis


Reason to own a mini Beltie:

  • Longevity
  • Hardiness
  • Adaptability
  • Naturally horned
  • Docility
  • Feed conversion efficiency


We now have the miniature White Galloway and we are very excited about  our new project of developing new colours in the Galloway breed,  we have, what we believe to be a first , in New Zealand, a miniature White Galloway calf with RED points (instead of the usual white with black points) , we've also now got the rare miniature RED belted Galloway so as you can see, we've got some exciting years ahead developing these 2 colours!


the resulting calf is

Panda Bear cute.